Finally learn exactly what to say in your cold outreach on LinkedIn, without being pushy, spammy or salesy... that leads to more meetings.

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Bonus Walkthrough: Exactly how to find new prospects on LinkedIn

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See exactly how to find the people you'd love to do cold outreach with, in this live walkthrough! I'll show you two fool-proof strategies to find potential new prospects without paying for LinkedIn Premium.

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This training is for consultants and service-providers who want to use LinkedIn to generate business, but do not want to appear like all the other ding dongs on LinkedIn, pushing people into sales meetings or trying to sell them bullshit.

In this training you will learn the non-spammy, non-pushy way to write your opening messages in cold outreach that can actually lead to more sales conversations, partnerships and referrals.

Best of all, it will feel good (yes, we said it, GOOD) to do outreach. 

If you've ever been told to, "just be yourself", but it feels unnatural to talk to a stranger, Cold Outreach Cure will show you exactly how it's done.

This training is approximately 30 minutes long.

BONUS: Includes Google Sheets outreach template to track and organize your cold outreach ($47 value)

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